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How long does each session take?

Normally each sessions lasts around 90 minutes.

How many sessions will I need?

It really does depend on what you come to see me for, though the types of therapy I offer tend to work relatively quickly. If your issue is a straightforward one or two sessions may be enough. A typical course of therapy for one issue tends to be around 4 sessions.

When can I book sessions?

Daytime and evening sessions are available and I also offer Saturday appointments. 

Where are the sessions held?

I predominantly work from my office in Edlesborough on the Bucks, Beds and Herts border. Parking is available on site.

Cost of sessions?

I charge £70 for a 90 min - 2 hour session.

Whilst we are working together I will:

  • Ensure that the therapy you receive is tailored specifically to you. At every session we will focus that session on what you specifically want to discuss on the day. If you book a session for one thing and then change your mind to something completely different, that's no problem.

  • Where possible I will teach you techniques and set you exercises to complete outside of sessions. This helps to minimise the numer of sessions you will need.

  • I will provide a safe, therapeutic space. I allow at least 90 minutes a session and don't book sessions back to back, so you won't feel rushed.

  • I provide free personalised recordings for each hypnosis session. Again this helps to consolidate progress and minimise the number of sessions you will need.

  • I will be available on e-mail for support after and between sessions.

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